Back to nature for humans and animals


species-appropriate animal feed

After a long search I discovered XANTARA (Protector of the Earth). The company is based in Rosenheim (which guarantees short transport routes) and of course does not carry out any animal experiments! The slogan "enjoy nature" refers to the valuable ingredients from nature. Included among other things: Brewer's yeast, evening primrose oil, linseed oil, safflower oil, hemp oil, black cumin oil, green lipped mussel, seaweed, salmon oil and dandelion. Some dishes even contain the extremely valuable medicinal mushroom Ling Zhi (rice mushroom) which can have an extremely positive effect on the immune system. XANTARA does without fat additives, flavor enhancers, colorings, fillers, attractants, animal, grain and plant flours! This food is free of any harmful chemicals, is constantly tested for BSE and FMD-free and is from organic farming! It is free of any chemical additives and synthetic vitamins. The feed has a meat content of 65 to 67 percent and is rich in natural vitamins and minerals due to its particularly gentle cooking. In addition, valuable and health-promoting ingredients (high-quality oils) are added to pet food. The full declaration guarantees complete information regarding the contents.

Expect pet food that contains everything your pet needs to be and stay fit and healthy! We love nature and want to preserve it as it is. Treat your darling to this quality! We would like to invite your best friend to a free dinner!

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