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natural bio regulator

Health is our greatest asset. We live in a time in which our food is no longer beneficial to our health through environmental toxins and manipulation by large industry.

We offer the bio regulator Reset, the Green Slim Coffee with the medicinal mushroom Ling Zhi (rice mushroom) and the Xantara Complete with Moringa via the company Xantara.

  • Reset:
    Is a natural bio regulator with high-quality bioactive phytochemicals. It can slow down the aging process, activates the anti-aging gene and improves concentration and memory performance through supporting micronutrients. This will unlock the full mental potential. Organic quality ingredients include turmeric, pomegranate, grape resveratrol, sour cherry, blueberries, lemon juice and sea salt.
  • Green Slim Coffee & Ling Zhi:
    A novel slimming concept that activates the fat metabolism at different levels of action at full performance, protects the cells from free radicals, detoxifies the body and can prevent tumors. The green coffee is very stimulating and can help you lose weight. Silica, turmeric and sea salt are also included.
  • Matcha & Minerals:
    The unique elixir of life with nutrients from selected Japanese Bio-Matcha, the complete natural mineral complex of Sango coral, bioactive plant substances from mango steen, sting anannones, lime and digestive fibers. Of course also suitable for vegans and without sugar.
  • Xantara Complete mit Moringa:
    Is a nutrient bomb with high-quality vegetable protein (obtained from rice, almonds, amaranth, peas, hemp, moringa), minerals, trace elements and vitamins. The product is lactose-free, sugar-free, soya-free and vegan. It provides all essential amino acids. The superfruit Moringa is one of the most nutritious plants and contributes to intestinal health, as the zeatin content is 1000 times as high as in other plants.

We will be happy to advise you! Of course you can test our bio regulators free of charge.

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