Back to nature for humans and animals


Natural makeup

The natural cosmetics from XANTARA contain pure natural active ingredients, do without chemical additives, protect and strengthen the balance of your skin and are suitable for all skin types, at any age, for the whole family. The raw materials are extracted from the natural oasis in the Atlas Mountains. The cultivation area was created by the Moroccan royal family in an exemplary manner for independent organic farmers according to the fair trade principle. In this way, nature conservation and product quality are combined and contribute to increasing the quality of life for producers and nature. This great natural cosmetic is produced in Tyrol.

All products of our natural cosmetics are free of mineral oils, paraffins, silicone oils, petrochemical substances and synthetic fragrances. They are also free of sodium, laureth and lauryl sulfates, sulfates, petrochemicals and parabens. Not every natural substance is compatible with every body. Oil and paraffin are examples of life-threatening substances with a high risk potential. Unfortunately, paraffin is often used in cosmetics because it is cheap and has an unlimited shelf life. However, it is dead and not biodegradable. Our promise to you: Our products have a high content of natural active ingredients (olive, plant hyaluron and ectoin, nature's wonder ingredient that protects against UV radiation and other damage) and powerful antioxidants through natural vitamins and natural oils. All ingredients used are in conformity with natural cosmetics.

As part of our "Back to Nature for Humans and Animals" concept, no animal testing takes place in the context of product development. The environment is already increasingly contaminating us with (minimal) toxins, which makes it particularly important to use non-irritant products in personal care. This is the only way to reduce the amount of chemical pollution.

We are happy to advise you and of course you can try our natural cosmetics for free!


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