Back to nature for humans and animals


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The company Rundumxsund introduces itself!

The company RUNDUMXSUND is committed to the motto "Back to nature for humans and animals". We live in a time in which the large industry works with a multitude of chemical additives both in the product and in production. It is therefore extremely important that we return to our instincts and, above all, to the old knowledge of previous generations.

All our products and partner companies are therefore put through their paces so that they meet our strict criteria. We do not tolerate chemicals and other artificial building blocks in our articles. We are opposed to animal experiments of any kind and are actively involved in animal welfare.

We respect nature and all its creatures. It is therefore very important to us to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. This is our contribution to leaving an intact planet for future generations. We prefer a personal conversation and free consultation so that you can form your opinion. Judge for yourself and arrange your personal meeting.

Species-appropriate animal feed / Natural bioregulator / Invigorating water / Natural cosmetics / Other

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